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ADIEU, O soldier!You of the great battalionThe rapid march, the life of the camp,The hot contention of opposing frontsThe long manoeuver, -Red battles with their slaughterThe stimulus- the strong, ter...Read More

Just a passing phase

Just a Passing Phase

I sat down cross-legged and allowed my thoughts flow…Down memory lane I skipped in delight.There were myriads of colours in my memory-world.Light, dark, darker, gloomy, extremely bright and some shado...Read More

Forified, Pure, Unclear, Jericho?

Forified, Pure, Unclear, Jericho?

We are both in fortified cities that are very close neighbors. We shout to each other from the top of our lungs. We hear, but not too clear, because there is a wall, well a double wall. Your wall ...Read More

i'm here to stay

I’m here to stay

I am a bomb waiting to explodeRagged and unkemptWith an unpleasant attitudeYet, you’d look at me with an addictive smilePlastered over your face..And you’d walk to me, pull me into a tight...Read More

Faking Laughter Forcing

Faking Laughter Forcing Smile

I’ve been faking laughterForcing smile…In the midst of everyone, I am happyDeluding myself of happiness..And nothing else seem to matterExcept the moment.. But when I get home..I break down into...Read More

there's still hope

There’s still hope

If they don’t like you, then who will???If they don’t accept you, then who will???And the fear that we have…Is that we’re going to be alone.That we are not good enough…And we have to...Read More

sometimes, i wish

Sometimes, I Wish

Sometimes I wish not to be in lovedon’t want to get committed, just want to fly freely like a dove. Sometimes I wish not to get marrydon’t want to be in a relationship that I can’t c...Read More

aging grace

Aging Grace

If you’re not in a hurry, please sit and talk with me awhileit would be nice to have someone to share a simple smile.For so long I’ve been counting shadows just to pass the timeas days bec...Read More

With the break of a very bright day

With the break of a very bright dayAll dull shadows quickly fades awayWith the end of a dreadful nightAll things set in their places right With the bloom of a pretty flowerWe can see God’s stren...Read More