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About Us

Poets Lounge

PoetsLounge is an open platform for poets all over the world, and to present their work to an audience.

PoetsLounge offers great platform where you can publish your work for free, get to meet other authors from around the world, get to bond with them and mentor each other.

At PoetsLounge, you can join groups and forums, have discussions from ranging topics and even start a group and forum of your own.

Poetry still matters a lot to more people than ever before, and will always matter to us. Join us today and enjoy your publications.


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Our story

        poets lounge

I joined this site out of curiosity and little by little, i became attached and one good thing happened, I learnt a lot and I eventually found a mentor. Thank you.

Pinky Jessy

poets lounds

I have been a writer for a long while and i have always had challenges of starting. I joined this site and i met lots of people who are like me and we were able to form bonds and help each other grow. Thanks to this platform for the opportunity.

Omotola Ajasa