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A color without color

A color without color

A color has no color
If it does not match the color of your lips.
A fragrance as no fragrance
If it does not match the fragrance of your dark hair.
The world pales next to you,
You can only be mine.
Everyone can see it.
I say this out loud.
“As long as there’s light in the world”
“You’ll belong to me.”
“As long as I live in this world”
“You’ll belong to me.”

I am your confusion and solution.
I’m a little stubborn and a little crazy too,
How false are the cloud and spring showers.
How false is offering a gift of flowers
Only you are real, only I am real
My heart speaks the only truth.
Etch your name on my heart with lovely hands
Open your eyes to my love
Do I ask too much of you?
I say this out loud
“you will always belong to me.”

Forever, you will sway in my loving arms.
Like the earth sway in the arms of the sun
You will never be apart from me
Forever, you will be a part of me.
Shatter all my dreams if you wish
The shard of my dreams will still dream of you
You’re my inspiration and I say this loud
“you are mine forever…Now and always.”

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